Ben Greene (little brother, 25, Hollywood)
Hannah Greene (big sister, 27, Brooklyn)


Grown Up Questions is a podcast in which Ben and Hannah try to grow up. We’re asking all the big questions: What do I want to be when I grow up? When do I have to stop watching cartoons? Insurance?

We’ll be talking to people from ages five to one hundred and five – scientists and parents, captains of industry and captains of 5th grade dodgeball teams – to understand the lifelong process of becoming an adult.

If there’s a question that you’re afraid to ask, or you’ve never gotten around to asking, or you didn’t even know that you had - not to fear. Ben and Hannah are here.


Ben and Hannah did some of their growing up in Denver, CO. Now that they live 2700 miles apart, the only way they can help each other finish the job is by co-creating a podcast about it.


When Hannah was two and a half, her brother fell off the changing table and broke his arm. Hannah calmed him down by singing Patsy Cline's "Tra Le La Le La Triangle". He still asks her for outfit advice.

After graduating from Northwestern University, Hannah spent three years assistant directing/interning at major regional theaters. She produced short pieces and readings at Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, American Players Theatre, and the Williamstown Theatre Festival, where she also worked as the assistant to the artistic director. 

When she’s not working, she’s making really sick to-do lists.


As a child, Ben played with Brio train tracks. His favorite TV show was Pokemon. Ben wore a cowboy hat to school every day for two months until he wore it in the shower and ruined it.

As a grown up, Ben graduated from USC film school in 2015. Ben's theater and film work has been featured at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Cannes Film Festival, where Ben won the Creative Mind Competition's Best Film and Best Director award. Now Ben works full time in television production on shows like The Mayor, The Guest Book, The Great IndoorsReal Housewives of Beverly Hills and Dr Ken.

When he's not working, Ben hosts Game of Thrones parties, where he serves butternut squash and kale-eesi salad. And Salsa Stark.